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Google I/O ’24 unveils new AI tools and technologies. #AIinnovation

All the AI tools launched at Google I/O '24

Google’s annual developer conference, I/O 2024, focused heavily on AI, with updates on the Gemini AI model and the introduction of new products and features. Among the new products launched were generative AI models like VEO for text-to-video generation and Imagen 3 for text-to-image creation. Google also announced MusicFX for generative AI music and plans to introduce watermarking technology for AI-generated text and video through SynthID. The watermarking tool aims to combat misinformation spread through AI-generated content. Google acknowledged the limitations of watermarking but emphasized its importance as a building block for reliable AI identification tools. They also plan to make SynthID open-source for text watermarking. Additionally, Google unveiled the sixth-generation Tensor Processing Units (TPU) called Trillium, designed to improve latency and reduce costs with increased performance and energy efficiency. The new TPU boasts enhancements in compute performance, memory capacity, bandwidth, and energy efficiency compared to previous versions. The conference highlighted Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology through innovative products and hardware developments.

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