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Google rebrands AI Chatbot ‘Bard’ as ‘Gemini’, launching soon. #AIChatbotGemini

Google to rebrand AI Chatbot 'Bard' as 'Gemini', will have a free and paid app launching soon

Google is rebranding its AI chatbot ‘Bard’ as ‘Gemini’ and is set to release a new app for it. The rebranding comes with new features, including image generation, and a leaked changelog suggests the introduction of an ‘Advanced’ tier, powered by Gemini Ultra. This tier will have resource-hungry features locked behind a paywall. The Gemini app for Android devices is expected to revolutionize learning methods and aid in various tasks, all powered by Google AI. The integration of Gemini with various Google services is anticipated, signaling Google’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities and integrating them seamlessly into users’ daily interactions.

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