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Google’s AI chat gets a new name #semanticrevolution

Google’s new name for its AI chat?

Google’s AI chatbot Bard is undergoing a major rebranding and will now be known as Gemini. The new Gemini chatbot will also launch a new Android app and a premium subscription service. The rebranding and expansion into smartphones with Google’s Pixel 8 series and Samsung’s S24 series is part of a greater push by Google to enhance the capabilities of its AI chatbot.

Bard, which was first introduced in 2022, was designed to create a generative AI chat experience capable of various tasks such as writing poems, stories, generating images, and code. Over time, Bard has evolved and added new features and capabilities. Last year, Google upgraded Bard with Gemini, a multimodal AI model capable of handling text, images, audio, and video. Additionally, last month, Bard added an image generator to create realistic pictures from text descriptions.

The decision to rebrand Bard as Gemini reflects the integration of the powerful AI model into the chatbot’s capabilities. The expansion into smartphones with the Pixel 8 and Samsung’s S24 series indicates Google’s commitment to making Gemini more accessible and widely available to users.

Overall, the rebranding and expansion of Gemini represent Google’s efforts to enhance the functionality and accessibility of its AI chatbot, making it a more versatile and powerful tool for users.

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