#Graphlit publishes LLM-Generated Audio Alerts to Slack with GPT-4 #AIAlerts

Publish LLM-Generated Audio Alerts to Slack with Graphlit, GPT-4 and ElevenLabs | by Graphlit | Feb, 2024

The content discusses the integration of LLMs such as OpenAI GPT-4 with text-to-speech models from ElevenLabs to generate semantic alerts for end-user productivity. The example provided involves creating a periodic alert that summarizes recent Google Mail emails, generates an audio-ready script with GPT-4, publishes an MP3 using an ElevenLabs voice, and posts to a Slack channel. This allows users to catch up on recent emails by listening to the generated audio summary. Semantic Alerts are not limited to emails and can be used to summarize any recently ingested content, such as Slack messages, documents, or images. The alerts can be filtered by observed Persons, Organizations, Labels, etc., to focus on relevant topics. Multiple alerts can be created with different publishing prompts for targeted alerts. The process involves creating a feed to read future emails in the Google Mail account and a Slack alert using a bot token to authenticate to the user’s Slack channel. The alert executes by querying recent emails, summarizing them with a default LLM summarization prompt and the Azure OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo 16k model, and then posting the text script and a link to the generated MP3 file to the desired Slack channel. The example provided also includes the mutation and response for creating a Slack alert. The content emphasizes the power of LLMs and text-to-speech models in creating semantic alerts based on user content and invites questions about the tutorial or the Graphlit Platform. It also provides resources for further information on the Graphlit Documentation, marketing site, or Discord community.

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