Guide to creating a medical chatbot in nine steps #AIHealthcare

Creating your own Medical Chatbot: A Step-by-Step Guide | by Veda Sahaja Bandi | Jun, 2024

The article discusses the use of medical chatbots to provide patients with reliable and informative healthcare information. It introduces a specific medical chatbot powered by Llama-2, a language model trained on a vast dataset. The chatbot integrates with medical documents and retrieval techniques to answer user queries comprehensively.

The chatbot is built using Llama, an open-source model from Meta AI, and Streamlit, an app framework for creating web applications. LangChain, a library for building applications with large language models, is also utilized. By combining these technologies, the chatbot can engage with users effectively and provide valuable healthcare-related information.

The article outlines the steps involved in setting up the chatbot environment, loading and processing medical data, creating embeddings, and integrating the Llama-2-13B model with GPTQ. It also explains how to build a chat interface using Streamlit and LangChain to enable seamless interaction with the chatbot.

Overall, the chatbot leverages advanced NLP models and efficient data-handling techniques to deliver accurate and contextually relevant medical information. The article invites readers to try the live demo of the chatbot on Hugging Face Spaces and explore the code on GitHub.

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