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Hendra AI tool animates photos with voiceovers #animationtech

New AI tool Hendra brings your photos to life with voiceovers

Hendra is a new AI-generated voiceover video tool that allows users to create AI-generated voiceovers over any portrait image they upload. Users can submit text and a static image with a face to the generator, and receive a video where the character in the image pronounces the text. The tool works well and is simple to use, making it a potential asset for content creators. It can animate images with human-like faces for lip-sync animation and AI-generated voiceovers. The tool also works with non-photoreal images, but requires a human-like face for recognition and animation. Users can try Hendra by visiting their website. Overall, Hendra offers a user-friendly way to create voiceover videos with AI-generated content, making it a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their content creation process.

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