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Hyundai debuts truck ad campaign using generative AI tools. #Innovation

Hyundai Motor Launches Truck Ad Campaign Created with Generative AI Tools

Hyundai Motor Co. has launched an advertisement campaign for its truck brands using generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The three-part video series, titled “Cars That Run Forever,” was created using over 15 generative AI tools without any on-site filming or human-produced music. The videos showcase the high quality of Hyundai trucks, their after-sales care services, and the extensive lineup, portraying the story of trucks that must keep running thanks to their excellent performance and service.

Innocean Worldwide Inc., Hyundai Motor Group’s marketing and communications arm, relied on AI technology for all aspects of the series, from character creation to writing the background music. An official at Innocean mentioned that the company has learned the potential of AI technology through this campaign and will continue to create creative content using new and diverse technologies to reach out to consumers.

This innovative approach highlights the use of AI in advertising and demonstrates how technology can be utilized to create engaging and impactful content. Hyundai’s use of generative AI tools in this campaign showcases the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity in its marketing strategies.

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