Insights on spaCy, Prodigy, and Generative AI for NLP #FutureOfNLP

Building the Future of NLP: Insights on spaCy, Prodigy and Generative AI | Leading with Data 43

In the latest episode of DataHack Summit 2024, Ines Montani, the CEO of Explosion and co-developer of spaCy and Prodigy, discusses various topics related to AI and NLP technology. The conversation covers the focus areas for spaCy, applying generative AI technologies to industry problems, common pain points in the field, challenges faced by developers, the future of generative AI, and a rapid-fire round. The episode blends leadership wisdom, technological innovation, and practical advice. The timestamps for different sections of the episode are provided, along with useful links to follow Jaidev on LinkedIn, watch and discuss on AV’s Community Platform, and listen on leading podcast platforms. The episode provides valuable insights into the world of AI, NLP, and machine learning, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in these topics.

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