#Interplay Learning Mobile App Saves Time, Boosts Productivity #TrainingTeams

Interplay Learning Mobile App Empowers Organizations to Save Time and Boost Productivity by Training Teams on the Go

Interplay Learning, a leading provider of skilled trades training, has launched a new mobile app that allows employers to provide flexible training to their workers. The app offers job-relevant content created by industry experts, enabling workers to access training materials on-the-go. Employers can save time, boost productivity, and support a skilled workforce by utilizing the app. The mobile app features microlearning, expert-led instructional videos, checks to test foundational knowledge, skills assessments for customized learning, and intuitive search capabilities. Customers can download the app from the Apple store and Google Play. Interplay Learning’s immersive training platform includes hands-on 3D simulations, expert-led videos, knowledge checks, and personalized learning paths. The company has received accolades for its innovative approach to online skilled trades training. For more information, visit For media inquiries, contact Heather Ripley at Ripley PR.

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