Introducing the new “Stability AI Community License” for free commercial use – AICU with #StabilityAI

Stability AI、新コミュニティライセンス「Stability AI Community License」を発表 — 研究・非商用・小規模事業者の商用利用を無償化 - AICU

Stability AI announced the launch of the “Stability AI Community License” on July 5, 2024, in response to confusion and concerns within the community regarding the commercial license associated with SD3. The new license allows for research, non-commercial, and commercial use free of charge, with the requirement for a paid enterprise license only if annual revenue exceeds $1 million. This move aligns with Stability AI’s commitment to its users and open-source principles.

The Community License aims to be artist-friendly, respect creators’ freedom, support research, provide transparent and clear licensing terms, and prioritize community and value creation based on open-source philosophy. The license revision addresses initial concerns and ensures that models, including SD3 Medium, can be used more broadly and freely under the new license.

Stability AI acknowledges the high expectations of the community for SD3 Medium and is focused on continuous improvement and exploring the best ways to utilize the new model architecture. The company is committed to sharing research findings and engaging with users to enhance the use of their models.

Future updates to the license will include additional details in the FAQ section. Stability AI remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of open-source generative AI and appreciates the ongoing support from the community.

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