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Is Gemini a threat to ChatGPT’s survival? #AIcompetition

Gemini Kill ChatGPT

The article discusses the challenge to OpenAI’s monopoly in generative AI by Google’s Gemini. ChatGPT, launched by Google, quickly became the most used model and is now being overtaken by Gemini. The launch of Gemini Pro, available on Bard, is expected to provide strong competition to OpenAI. Gemini Pro will function in over 40 languages, be accessible in 230 countries, and feature a text to image capability superior to OpenAI’s current model. It will also add watermarks to distinguish AI-generated work from authentic human work. Google’s collaborations with companies to integrate Gemini into hardware, such as Samsung’s new AI smartphones, have given it an edge over OpenAI, which has not struck similar deals. Experts believe that OpenAI needs to roll out ChatGPT 5.0 to survive in the business. The article also includes links to related articles and a notice about OTT releases.

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