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Is OpenAI Safe? Los Alamos Tags for Security #OpenAI

OpenAI and Los Alamos Partner

OpenAI has partnered with Los Alamos National Laboratory to study AI safety in bioscientific research, addressing the potential and challenges of advanced AI systems in laboratory settings. This collaboration focuses on evaluating AI’s role in bioscience, aligning with a White House Executive Order on AI development. The initiative aims to understand and mitigate risks associated with AI in scientific research, promoting responsible AI development.

The study will assess how models like GPT-4 assist humans in physical laboratory environments, specifically evaluating its biological safety aspects and real-time voice systems. By measuring the impact of AI assistance on experts and novices performing laboratory tasks, the study aims to provide insights into AI’s practical applications and potential risks in scientific research.

OpenAI’s approach includes wet lab techniques and multiple modalities to offer a realistic assessment of AI’s impact on research and safety protocols. The findings from this collaboration could influence the development and use of AI in critical scientific fields, setting a precedent for responsible AI development in bioscience.

Overall, this collaboration between OpenAI and Los Alamos National Laboratory represents a significant advancement in AI research, emphasizing safety and practical applications in bioscience. The study aims to provide valuable insights into AI integration in laboratory settings and its broader implications for the scientific community.

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