in ,’s Interplay platform speeds up AI app creation. #Innovation’s Interplay platform accelerates AI-enabled app creation

The transcript is from a show called DEMO where Shomron Jacob from showcases their enterprise AI application platform called Interplay. The platform allows C-level executives to quickly prototype ideas and take them to market overnight, solving the problem of lengthy development processes. The platform is drag-and-drop, low code, and can work across various industries, devices, and technologies. It is designed to be user-friendly for non-developers and allows for quick deployment without the need for custom code. The platform also features generative AI capabilities and can run on different types of hardware.

The transcript includes examples of clients using the platform, such as Ulta Beauty for search capabilities and GenPilot for document search and summarization. The platform allows for customization and deployment within 24 hours for basic setups, making it accessible and efficient for companies looking to leverage AI technologies. The platform’s ability to combine different models, databases, and cloud providers in one workflow sets it apart from traditional development processes. Interested parties can visit’s website for more information on the product and its use cases.

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