#JinaClip: Local installation of Multi-modal Embedding Model #JinaClip

Jina Clip - Multi-modal Embedding Model - Install Locally

The video demonstrates how to locally install the Jina Clip v1 model from JinaAI, which is an advanced English multimodal (text-image) embedding model. The process is shown step-by-step, providing viewers with a clear guide on how to set up the model. Additionally, the video includes links for viewers to support the channel by buying a coffee or getting a discount on GPU rentals. The content also encourages viewers to become a Patron and follow the creator on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and a personal blog. The video is part of a series related to Jina Clip and JinaAI, with links to additional resources provided for further exploration. The content is copyrighted to Fahd Mirza, with all rights reserved in 2021.

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