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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Calls 'Bulls**t' On The Notion Comedians Can't Be Funny Now

Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently spoke out against the idea that political correctness is killing comedy, in response to comments made by her friend Jerry Seinfeld. During a podcast interview, Louis-Dreyfus expressed her belief that comedy is still thriving and diverse, with physical, intellectual, and political comedy all being relevant and interesting. She emphasized that comedy is meant to be risky and sometimes offensive, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. Louis-Dreyfus disagreed with the notion that it’s impossible to be funny in the current climate, stating that while some jokes may not land with everyone, they should still be made. This comes after Seinfeld made headlines for suggesting that the “extreme left and P.C. crap” were harming televised comedy. Louis-Dreyfus also addressed the controversy in a recent New York Times profile, where she reiterated her stance against complaints about political correctness in comedy. Overall, Louis-Dreyfus stands by the belief that comedy is thriving and diverse, and that the notion of political correctness hindering it is a “red flag.”

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