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Kakao Healthcare’s new AI diabetes app and other AI updates #HealthcareTech

How Kakao Healthcare's latest AI-powered mobile diabetes app works and more AI briefs

Kakao Healthcare has launched a new AI-driven mobile diabetes management app called PASTA. The app links to CGM devices and allows users to record their meals, exercise, insulin doses, and medication. It also provides a summary report of the user’s blood sugar readings and can be shared with family members. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Kakao Healthcare also developed Pasta Connect Pro, a dashboard for doctors to monitor their patients’ blood sugar trends and lifestyle changes in real time. The company plans to expand its diabetes management app and service internationally, starting in Japan.

Seegene, a South Korean provider of PCR-based diagnostic solutions, has partnered with Microsoft to incorporate Microsoft services into its SG OneSystem. This includes integrating Microsoft Azure services and the AI-driven analytics platform Microsoft Fabric to support data interaction and analysis for researchers dealing with big data. Seegene will also work with Microsoft on next-generation management and analytics for PCR data and explore future ventures within healthcare.

Singaporean medtech Aevice Health and its London-based partner are collaborating to develop an AI that can predict asthma exacerbations. The project aims to harness health data collected through the AeviceMD wearable stethoscope to create an AI-driven early warning system for asthmatic patients.

Yonsei University Health System has implemented an AI diagnostic solution called Reti-CVD, developed by South Korean startup Mediwhale, to assess risks of cardiovascular disease using retina scans. Researchers from South Korea have also developed an AI model that can predict the likelihood of sepsis with up to 99% accuracy by analyzing CD8 T cell images.

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