Kevin Malamute’s notes on stock cancer 424 organized #StockCancer424Notes

股癌424筆記整理(股票直接噴20%、市場情緒、亞馬遜和Meta的財報觀察、企業裁員與成本控制) - Kevin Malamute | 凱文-馬拉穆

The content is a weekly investment note written in Chinese. The author, Kevin Malamute, shares his investment insights and encourages readers to listen to his podcast for more detailed information. He also expresses a desire to connect with like-minded investors and welcomes feedback and complaints. The note includes observations on market optimism, personal investment performance, market trends, and risk warnings. The author also provides links to various online platforms and discusses market trends, including the positive sentiment in the market, the performance of different stocks, and the potential for a market correction. The author also encourages caution and risk management for individual investors. Overall, the note serves as a platform for the author to share his investment insights and connect with other investors.

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