Laika AI launches Ambassador Program, empowering Laika Pioneers. #innovation

Introducing Laika AI’s Ambassador Program: The Laika Pioneers | by LAIKA AI | Jun, 2024

The Laika Pioneers Ambassador Program has been launched to engage community members in shaping the future of AI. Participants will collaborate with the Laika AI team, educate the public about AI, and influence the development of AI systems. Benefits include professional growth, rewards in $LKI tokens, and community engagement. Responsibilities include digital engagement, content creation, outreach, and feature testing. Rewards are based on monthly contributions, quality, and engagement, with bonus rewards for top performers. Task rewards include social posts, memes/infographics, short videos, and blog posts. Additional benefits include direct access to executive teams, exclusive insights, networking opportunities, and personal/professional growth. The program aims to mobilize individuals who understand the potential of Laika and help the project achieve its full potential. Interested individuals can apply to join the Laika Pioneers and lead the charge in AI innovation. Priority will be given to $LKI token holders.

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