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Lasso Security emerges from stealth to manage LLM security. #LassoSecurity

Lasso Security emerges from stealth to wrangle LLM security

The AI Impact Tour is offering sponsorship opportunities for brands looking to increase their visibility. Large language models (LLMs) are a powerful technology, but they are also vulnerable to security concerns. Lasso Security, a company that has received $6 million in seed funding, aims to address these issues. LLMs can be exploited through prompt injection, jailbreaking, and data poisoning, leading to the exposure of sensitive information and biased or unethical behavior. Lasso’s technology intercepts interactions with LLMs, monitors data flow, and provides real-time detection and alerting. The platform also offers end-to-end protection and a user-friendly dashboard. Lasso’s CEO, Elad Schulman, emphasizes the importance of adopting LLM technologies in a secure and safe way, as blocking their use is not sustainable. The company’s goal is to equip organizations with the right security toolbox to leverage LLM technology without compromising their security postures. Overall, Lasso Security aims to address the security concerns associated with LLMs and provide a solution for organizations to safely leverage this groundbreaking technology.

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