Learn Generative AI using Langchain and Huggingface on Udemy. #AIgenerativelearning

Udemy Course Announcement-Complete Generative AI With Langchain And Huggingface

A new Udemy course on Complete Generative AI with Langchain and Huggingface is now live, offering over 35 hours of content focused on building Gen AI applications and deploying them in the cloud. The instructor has put in extensive effort over the past 1.5 months to provide high-quality content. Additional modules such as Graph Rag and Langgraph will be added in a week, with prerequisites including Python and NLP with deep learning. Future updates to the course will include modules on graph Rag, fine-tuning, and more, with ongoing updates to reflect changes in the Langchain ecosystem. Interested individuals can explore the course at the provided link:

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