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Leveraging Authenticator App’s Visual AI like Aerospace Industry #Security

Demo of the Authentique app for authenticating fashion and luxury products.

Authentique, a product authentication app for fashion and luxury goods, is set to receive a major upgrade through a partnership with Alitheon, a software firm known for its FeaturePrint serialization technology. This technology, already used in aerospace, military, energy, and pharmaceutical sectors, provides a unique identifier for objects without the need for marking or modifying them. Authentique’s exclusive license to use FeaturePrint will help brands, retailers, and consumers combat counterfeits and return fraud in the fashion industry.

The partnership aims to enhance authentication and verification processes by leveraging visual AI technology to analyze and evaluate various data points of products. This upgrade comes at a time when luxury brands are racing to meet new European Commission regulations for transparency and traceability in their products. Digital product passports (DPPs) are becoming popular alternatives to traditional tagging methods like RFID or QR codes, as they offer more secure and recyclable solutions.

Authentique’s survey of fashion and luxury consumers revealed a significant interest in products having digital passports, with potential benefits for secondhand purchases. The partnership with Alitheon is expected to drive advancements and set new industry standards. By implementing DPPs, brands can provide consumers with product information, authenticity certificates, care instructions, and sustainability details. Overall, the collaboration aims to revolutionize the authentication process in the fashion industry and enhance consumer trust in luxury goods.

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