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LinkedIn Reports 21-Fold Surge in ChatGPT-Related Job Postings #JobMarketExplodes

LinkedIn Says ChatGPT-Related Job Postings Have Ballooned 21-Fold Since November

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Summary: Job boards LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed are experiencing a surge in AI-related job postings. The demand for professionals with AI skills is increasing rapidly, with new job titles emerging such as chief AI officer, AI engineer, head of AI, AI specialist, AI advisor, and AI data scientist. According to LinkedIn’s Future of Work report, the number of US companies with a head of AI has nearly tripled in the last five years. Similarly, Indeed and ZipRecruiter have seen a significant increase in generative AI-related job listings.

LinkedIn’s report also highlights the growing adoption of AI-oriented skills by its users. The rate of LinkedIn users adding generative AI-related skills, such as natural language processing and classification, has nearly doubled. This suggests that job seekers recognize the increasing opportunities in the AI field.

However, the impact of AI on jobs remains uncertain. Reports have predicted both job losses and job creation due to AI. Goldman Sachs estimates that AI could potentially replace 300 million full-time jobs, while a survey by the World Economic Forum suggests that AI may eliminate 83 million jobs but create 69 million, resulting in a net decrease of 14 million jobs.

Despite this uncertainty, professionals in the AI industry remain optimistic. John Sviokla, cofounder of advisory firm GAI Insights, compares the current AI job boom to the mistaken predictions about the disappearance of human drivers due to driverless cars. He believes that, like the introduction of driverless cars, AI will create new job opportunities that we cannot yet predict.

As AI becomes increasingly integrated into various industries, new job roles such as ethicists and chief trust officers are also expected to emerge. These roles will be responsible for ensuring that AI systems are unbiased and trustworthy.

In summary, the AI job market is experiencing significant growth, with job boards reporting a surge in AI-related job postings. Job seekers are adding AI skills to their profiles, indicating a recognition of the increasing opportunities in the AI field. The long-term impact of AI on jobs remains uncertain, but experts remain hopeful that AI will create new job opportunities rather than result in widespread job losses.

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