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LinkedIn tests AI career coaches for salary negotiation advice. #careeradvice

LinkedIn is testing custom AI career coaches to answer questions like, ‘How do I negotiate my salary'?

LinkedIn has introduced Expert AI, a coaching tool that allows users to chat with customized chatbots based on various career experts and influencers. The tool is launching as a pilot with coaches offering guidance on topics like relationship management, global business strategy, well-being, and career development. To build the tool, instructors worked with LinkedIn to provide content to train the chatbot, and LinkedIn has introduced a royalty model to pay the instructors for their work. Users can ask questions like “how do I negotiate my salary” or “how do I build a growth mindset?” The tool provides tailored advice for each query. LinkedIn has been rolling out various tools and features to keep users engaged, including games, short-form videos, and AI-powered tools for recruiting and career development. The coaching tool is available to LinkedIn Premium users and those with access to the LinkedIn Recruiter and Learning Hub. Expert AI is currently in pilot mode, and it’s unclear when it will roll out publicly. Overall, it’s a good opportunity for users to enhance their career development and become growth mindset gurus.

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