#LocalPlay: Turbcat 8b Llama-3 with Ghost Attention – Play #Locally

Turbcat 8b Llama-3 with Ghost Attention - Play Locally

The video showcases the local installation of Llama-3 8B Fine-tune with Ghost Attention, known as Turbcat. Viewers are encouraged to support the channel by buying the creator a coffee or taking advantage of a 50% discount on A6000 or A5000 GPU rentals using a specific link and coupon code. The creator also invites viewers to become a Patron for additional support. The video is tagged with #turbcat #turbcat8b #ghostattention. The creator provides links to their LinkedIn, YouTube, and blog for viewers to follow. Related videos and resources are also shared for further information. The content is copyrighted to Fahd Mirza in 2021.

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