Make a living selling AI art as NFTs in 2024 #AIartists

Sell AI Art as NFTs in 2024 & Make Your Living as an Artist 💰 | by Exquisite Workers | Jul, 2024

The NFT Platform Foundation is an ideal platform for monetizing AI art without the need for technical skills. The article discusses the monetization of AI art and the benefits of using NFT platforms like Foundation. It highlights the challenges artists face on other platforms like Etsy, Fiverr, and Adobe Stock and explains why NFTs are a better alternative.

The article also addresses the misconception that NFTs are a past trend, emphasizing that NFT platforms are still thriving in 2022, 2023, and beyond. It provides insights into how artists can leverage blind drops on Foundation to make money and attract collectors. The importance of understanding both the artist’s and collector’s perspectives in blind drops is also discussed.

The process of creating and selecting artwork for blind drops on Foundation is explained, including tips on choosing the best images and getting feedback from others. The article also touches on the potential earnings artists can make through blind drops and the importance of quality control in the selection process.

Overall, the article serves as a guide for artists looking to monetize their AI art on NFT platforms like Foundation, offering valuable insights and practical tips for success in the digital art market.

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