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Mastering AI prompts with data for foolproof success. #AIprompting

The Secret to Foolproof AI Prompts: Prompting With Data | by Bernard Bado | Jun, 2024

The author claims to have discovered a method to prevent AI from generating false information by using a technique called “prompting with data.” This method involves providing ChatGPT with a response template, attaching relevant data directly to the prompt, and instructing the AI to fill the template using the attached data. The author asserts that this approach eliminates hallucinations and inaccuracies in AI-generated content. By incorporating data directly into the prompt, AI can produce more accurate and fact-based responses. The author encourages readers to adopt this technique to improve the reliability of AI-generated content. An example of a prompt using this method is provided, showcasing how data can be used to guide AI in generating content that aligns with the provided information.

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