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Maximize NexAIoT NISE 3910 for Edge AI Applications #EmpowerManufacturing

Empowering Manufacturing-X: Unleash the Potential of NexAIoT NISE 3910 for Edge AI Applications

NexAIoT Co., Ltd. is showcasing the NISE 3910 and other Manufacturing-X solutions at Embedded World 2024. The integration of Manufacturing-X and AI is revolutionizing Industry 4.0 by optimizing efficiency and quality in industrial processes. The NISE 3910 series features Intel 12th/13th generation Core processors, offering enhanced energy efficiency and computing power. It supports various applications and operating systems for easy integration. The device also provides enhanced connectivity, multiple expansion interfaces, and software-defined platforms for seamless data collection and management. NexAIoT aims to bridge the gap between high-performance AI and eco-friendly solutions for sustainable manufacturing practices. Visit NEXCOM’s booth at Embedded World 2024 to learn more about the NISE 3910 and other Manufacturing-X products. NexAIoT and NEXCOM are global leaders in edge computing and industrial IoT solutions, providing integrated services for various industries. For more information, visit

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