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Medal secures $13M for contextual AI assistant development. #DesktopAI

Medal's highlight app. A contextual AI assistant that reads the screen.

Medal, a startup known for its video game clipping product, recently raised $13 million at a valuation of $333 million from investors like Horizons Ventures and OMERS Ventures. They also launched Highlight, a desktop app that acts as a contextual AI assistant. The app captures on-screen content and allows users to ask questions to a Large Language Model (LLM). OMERS Ventures saw an opportunity to apply Medal’s technology to LLMs, making it more than just a gaming company.

Highlight aims to provide a useful assistant for users by capturing on-screen content and passing it to different models for analysis. The app pre-populates questions based on the context and does not store any content locally. Medal is also building an open platform for developers to deploy their own apps on Highlight.

The company plans to continue supporting while assigning staff to work on Highlight. The app is currently free but may be monetized in the future through an app store model. They are also exploring a premium subscription model and offering grants to developers to build the app ecosystem. Highlight is available on both Mac and Windows and aims to be independent of drawing users into one ecosystem, giving it an advantage in the market.

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