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Michael Crow discusses OpenAI, LGBTQ+ student space in Tempe #Equality

Michael Crow speaks on OpenAI, LGBTQ+ student space in Tempe forum

ASU President Michael Crow participated in a student forum discussing international student work, OpenAI collaboration, and the absence of a space for LGBTQ+ students at the University. Crow emphasized the University’s focus on cooperation and collaboration among all student groups, rather than creating separate facilities. He also highlighted ASU’s independent decisions, such as not adopting a guaranteed four-year tuition program like other universities.

Regarding the OpenAI collaboration, Crow mentioned the benefits ASU will receive from the partnership, including the integration of AI technology in various courses. He also discussed the University’s efforts to expand optional practical training for international students.

Construction projects on campus in collaboration with the City of Tempe were also mentioned, focusing on building apartments, residence halls, and affordable housing. The forum, moderated by student leaders, emphasized the importance of student-administration interaction and advocated for future student forums as a way to enhance communication and accessibility.

Overall, the forum covered various topics including LGBTQ+ student spaces, OpenAI collaboration, international student work opportunities, and campus construction projects, showcasing the University’s commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

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