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Microsoft expands Copilot AI helpers at Build conference #AIhelpers

There are 130-plus of them now • The Register

Microsoft’s Chief Communication Officer, Frank Shaw, discussed the company’s focus on AI, particularly Copilots, in an interview with Mustafa Suleyman, EVP & CEO of Microsoft AI. Suleyman highlighted the rapid integration of Copilot surfaces across Microsoft’s portfolio, showcasing the company’s enthusiasm for AI technology.

Copilot refers to generative AI that aids users by accepting input and providing output in various forms. Microsoft envisions Copilot becoming a pervasive tool that will revolutionize human interaction with technology. Despite past missteps with AI projects like Clippy and Tay, Microsoft believes everyone can benefit from assistive software like Copilot.

The company is expanding Copilot to include Team Copilot for Microsoft 365, which will assist in meetings, chats, and project management. Microsoft is also introducing Copilot extensions, allowing developers to connect Copilot to other software and services. The goal is to automate repetitive processes and streamline workflows using AI.

Microsoft is rolling out Copilot Studio, which enables proactive automation of tasks by orchestrating dynamic workflows. The company is also introducing Copilot connectors to integrate business and collaboration data with Copilot. GitHub is also enhancing its platform to support GitHub Copilot Extensions, enabling developers to build and deploy using natural language.

Overall, Microsoft’s focus on Copilots and AI technology underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and improving productivity through intelligent automation.

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