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NASCIO paper warns about limitations of Generative AI for accessibility #GenerativeAI

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The National Association of State Chief Information Officers published a paper recommending caution when using generative artificial intelligence to assist people with disabilities. While generative AI can help with digital accessibility, it has shortcomings such as bias and errors. The paper suggests engaging all stakeholders, cultivating datasets that include people with disabilities, promoting transparency, and recognizing the limitations of generative AI. NASCIO advises using generative AI as a “first-draft” tool only. The paper also highlights the increasing number of people with disabilities in the workforce and potential uses of generative AI to support them, such as aiding communication for individuals with autism. Researchers have also explored using generative AI to enhance the accessibility of data visualizations, but integration into content creation remains a challenge. The paper concludes by emphasizing the importance of considering human intelligence in conjunction with AI to improve accessibility for people with disabilities as technology continues to evolve.

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