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Nepal introduces AI tool to forecast deadly landslides #technology

Nepal rolls out AI-powered ‘crystal ball’ to predict deadly landslides

Nepal faces a high risk of landslides due to its mountainous terrain, seismic vulnerabilities, and monsoon rainfall. Between 2018 and last year, the country recorded 2,419 landslides, resulting in 805 deaths. Meteorologists are predicting heavier rains for this year’s monsoon season, increasing the risk of landslides. To address this, the SAFE-RISCCS project uses satellite images and AI to forecast landslide risks.

Efforts are being made to implement early warning systems for landslides in high-risk areas, following successful pilot programs in villages like Saureni and Sundrawati. These systems monitor rainfall, soil moisture, and ground displacement to trigger alerts when thresholds are crossed. The United Nations recognizes early warning systems as crucial for reducing disaster deaths and losses, especially in regions like the Hindu Kush Himalayas facing increased extreme weather events due to climate change.

AI can enhance Nepal’s forecasting systems for landslides, but collaboration with scientists and universities is necessary to expand research and knowledge transfer. Despite advancements, challenges remain in obtaining reliable data and infrastructure for timely warnings. Political will and commitment are needed to prioritize disaster risk reduction and invest in early warning systems. Coordinated efforts at local, national, and international levels are essential to address these challenges and save lives.

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