Neurashi: Driving AI Innovation with Blockchain Technology #Innovation

Neurashi: Keeping the AI Revolution on the Go over Blockchain | by Neurashi | Jun, 2024

Neurashi is a cutting-edge AI blockchain framework that aims to revolutionize AI systems by addressing transparency, decentralization, and objectivity issues. The framework integrates a crypto-economic incentive system to foster trust and credibility. Neurashi’s key components include AI Critics, Neurashi token, and Neurashi marketplace. AI Critics evaluate AI models, Neurashi token curates a balanced system, and the marketplace allows trading of AI models. The framework also utilizes Large Language Model Agents for tasks like data analysis and image recognition.

Prometheus is a decentralized AI ecosystem that uses the Proof of Intelligence (POI) mechanism to validate AI outputs. It combines computational processes with human judgment to ensure accuracy and credibility. Prometheus offers various AI solutions and self-governing structure for continuous improvement.

ChartMind is a conversational AI system that specializes in interpreting market charts for financial insights. It provides real-time market data interpretation, fundamental analysis integration, market chart image analysis, and prediction & scenario planning. ChartMind Live offers real-time data feed from Binance for timely trading decisions.

ChainCoder is a conversational AI assistant for smart contract development and blockchain programming. It has a comprehensive knowledge base on blockchain platforms and programming languages. MARIKO is a chatbot for cryptocurrency trading analysis, while YAGAMI is a general conversational AI for natural dialogues.

Overall, Neurashi’s innovative technologies and human-centric approach are set to transform the AI landscape, fostering trust and credibility in AI systems across various industries. The framework’s impact is expected to be transformative, improving efficiency, transparency, and trustworthiness in AI applications.

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