New Romantics Exhibition at Schlösschen im… | Merzazine 2024 #art

New Romantics. Exhibition in “Schlösschen im… | by Merzmensch | Merzazine | Jul, 2024

The “New Romantics” exhibition will take place in Wertheim at the “Schlösschen im Hofgarten” from July 20 to November 3, 2024. Organized by @galeriegreulich and @marcpeschke, the exhibition will feature various artworks, including a video work that is an AI interpretation of a Goethe poem in the “Sublime” section. The essence of Romantic art, with its themes of gloom, subversion, threat, illusion, mysticism, and escape from the world, will be explored through the works on display. The exhibition aims to provide refuge and evoke a sense of beauty and nostalgia while also highlighting the fragility and contradictions within these idyllic images. Artists such as E. T. A. Hoffmann, Philipp Otto Runge, Caspar David Friedrich, and Johann Heinrich Füssli are referenced as inspirations for the New Romantics. Despite shattered dreams, the exhibition encourages viewers to continue dreaming. (© Andreas Greulich and Marc Peschke)

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