New Skype feature discovered, feeling out of the loop. #SkypeUpdate

Was I the last one who didn’t know about this new cool Skype feature?!! | by Evgeny Avdanin | Feb, 2024

The author of the content discusses their experience with finding graphical content for their social media brand. They initially faced a lack of suitable pictures and videos due to copyright issues. They then explored online catalogues like but found the choices limited. The author also tried DALLE2 for creating pictures but was not satisfied with the results. They later discovered that Skype, powered by AI and Bing, allows users to create photorealistic pictures with the DALLE3 engine. They express excitement about the endless variations of illustrations that can be created using this feature. The author shares some prompts they used and the outstanding results they obtained. They also share two generated pictures and express amusement at how they resemble real persons. The content is a personal account of the author’s journey in finding and creating graphical content for their social media brand, highlighting the usefulness of AI-powered tools like Skype and Bing in generating high-quality images.

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