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New tools for detecting predators using artificial intelligence technology #AIPredatorDetection

New AI Predator Detection Tools Available

The Cacophony Project’s ‘DOC AI CAM’ and ASG Technologies Ltd’s ‘PredaCAM’ are AI-powered cameras designed to detect predators such as rats, stoats, and possums in remote areas. These cameras send information to users for a rapid response. The development of these tools is supported by DOC’s ‘Tools to Market’ initiative to achieve the Predator Free 2050 goal.

The DOC AI CAM uses thermal technology and AI to identify predators, while the PredaCAM uses infrared technology and a cloud-based AI model. Both cameras have been funded for development and testing by DOC and Predator Free 2050 Ltd. The PredaCAM has achieved over 80% accuracy in detecting rats in initial field trials and is being trialled in various environments by Predator Free Wellington.

The projects were selected for support in the Tools to Market 2022 procurement round, with DOC allocating $1 million annually to develop new tools for predator-free projects. The ultimate goal of Predator Free 2050 is to eradicate rats, possums, and mustelids from New Zealand to protect native species.

The cameras are already being used in the field, with positive feedback on their efficiency and effectiveness. The technology is expected to have a significant impact on conservation efforts in New Zealand. Further developments, such as incorporating satellite coverage for areas without network access, are planned for the future.

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