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OpenAI’s Sam Altman seeking trillions to boost AI infrastructure #AIinvestment

OpenAI’s Sam Altman allegedly seeking trillions of dollars to boost AI infrastructure LeapRate

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is allegedly seeking trillions of dollars to boost AI infrastructure. He has highlighted the AI-chip supply gap and claims that the lack of these semiconductors is hindering OpenAI’s growth. Altman posted on X, stating that the world needs more AI infrastructure, such as fab capacity, energy, and data centers, than what is currently being planned. He is reportedly approaching investors, including the UAE government, to fund this initiative. OpenAI recently reached its $2 billion revenue target in December 2023, with Microsoft heavily invested in the company. Altman aims to double this amount in 2025. In the past, Altman has been involved in semiconductor ventures and has approached potential investors from the Middle East. No comments have been made to confirm or debunk these speculations. This initiative is crucial for economic competitiveness, and OpenAI aims to help in building massive-scale AI infrastructure and a resilient supply chain. Altman’s efforts are focused on escalating global manufacturing and supply volumes to meet the overwhelming global demand for AI.

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