Passing the AWS ML Exam: A Comprehensive Guide by Sakshini #AWSMLExamSuccess

A Guide to Passing the AWS ML Exam | by Sakshini Ganesh | Feb, 2024

The content provides tips for passing the AWS Certified Machine Learning — Specialty exam. The author suggests assessing oneself after one week of preparation to gauge the required study time and setting a test date to gear the mindset towards test preparation. They also recommend taking an online course to cover the broad exam scope, with a specific course suggestion. Handwritten notes and hands-on experience with modeling are also advised. Additionally, the importance of taking practice exams and pacing oneself during the 3-hour exam is highlighted. The author also shares their pre-exam week routine and emphasizes the importance of maintaining self-confidence. The content concludes with a mantra for exam preparation. Overall, the tips cover various aspects of exam preparation, including study strategies, practical experience, and mental preparation.

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