Quickly start using AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia with #AWSNeuron

Get started quickly with AWS Trainium and AWS Inferentia using AWS Neuron DLAMI and AWS Neuron DLC

The AWS Neuron 2.18 release introduces Neuron DLAMIs and DLCs with the latest Neuron packages available on the same day as the Neuron SDK release. These pre-configured AMIs and Docker images come with popular deep learning frameworks pre-installed, allowing for rapid setup of deep learning environments on Amazon EC2 instances. The release also includes a Multi-Framework DLAMI for Ubuntu 22, supporting multiple ML frameworks in separate virtual environments.

The Neuron SDK documentation and AWS documentation have been updated with user guides for Neuron DLAMIs and DLCs. Parameter Store support has been added for Neuron DLAMIs, streamlining the process of launching new instances with the latest Neuron SDK. Neuron DLCs are now available in public and private ECR repositories for deployment in various AWS services.

The post also provides a walkthrough for using Neuron DLCs and DLAMIs with Trainium and Inferentia instances, including instructions for extending Neuron DLCs, building and pushing Docker images to Amazon ECR, and configuring instances in Amazon EKS, ECS, EC2, and SageMaker. The post concludes with cleanup instructions and author profiles.

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