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Researchers adapt AI tools for digital pathology in customization. #AIPathology

Dr. Mohamed Omar

Scientists from Weill Cornell Medicine and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have developed and tested new artificial intelligence (AI) tools tailored to digital pathology. The tools are designed to help diagnose diseases and guide treatment using high-resolution digital images created from microscope slides of tissue samples. Their study, published in The Lancet Digital Health, demonstrates that ChatGPT, an AI language model, can provide accurate responses to questions about digital pathology and compile detailed text reports. ChatGPT can also assist pathologists in using complex software for analyzing tissue samples.

The researchers customized ChatGPT to increase efficiency and accuracy in digital pathology decision-making. They addressed issues with general language models by creating a specialized version, GPT4DFCI, which had access to a curated database of digital pathology literature. This allowed the model to generate precise and relevant responses without hallucinations or inaccuracies.

Additionally, the team developed an AI program to help pathologists use PathML, a software library for analyzing histopathology image datasets. By integrating ChatGPT with PathML, users can receive step-by-step coding instructions for their samples, even without prior coding experience.

The researchers believe that these AI tools have the potential to support basic researchers in various medical fields, not just digital pathology. The study was supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute. Overall, the development of these AI tools represents a significant advancement in leveraging technology to improve diagnostic and treatment processes in pathology.

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