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My Proposal to The CEO of Medium on How to Reward Writers Who Can Not Benefit from The Medium Partnership Program | by Moses Nartey | Feb, 2024

The content is a proposal to the CEO of Medium, Tony Stubblebine, addressing the issue of writers who cannot benefit from the Medium Partnership Program due to location, payment methods, or content restrictions. The proposal suggests a new reward system that would be more inclusive, flexible, and fair for all writers on Medium. The proposed reward system would offer alternative ways of rewarding writers based on their performance, impact, and skills, and would enable them to access various benefits and perks on Medium. The proposal outlines the problem, the proposed solution, and an implementation plan, as well as potential risks and challenges. The proposed reward system is aligned with Medium’s vision and values and aims to enhance the quality and diversity of content on Medium while increasing the loyalty and engagement of writers and readers. The proposal urges the CEO of Medium to approve and support the implementation of the new reward system and invites other writers who cannot benefit from the Medium Partnership Program to support the proposal. The proposal is based on the personal experience and perspective of the writer and aims to benefit not only the writer but also many other writers and readers on Medium.

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