Robots replacing human jobs: Contemplating the future. #AutomationConcerns

Shower thought: The path forward of robots taking human jobs. | by Only Darren | Feb, 2024

The author of this article shares their opinion on the future of robots in the real world, not in virtual environments. They believe that robots replacing human workers will be a gradual transition over time, rather than an immediate replacement. The author uses the example of delivery robots, discussing the challenges they would face in navigating obstacles and preventing theft, which currently only humans can do. They also mention the physical strain on human workers and the potential for attacks on delivery robots by criminals. The author predicts that delivery drivers will have robot assistants, particularly in hospitals, and mentions the use of exoskeletons for nurses. They also touch on the limitations of robots in supermarkets. Overall, the article is a speculative opinion piece on the future of robots in various real-world scenarios.

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