Role of large language models in creating ChatGPT explained. #AI

Explainer: The role of large language models in creation of ChatGPT, others

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini rely on Large Language Models (LLMs) trained on extensive datasets exceeding 1.5 trillion words. LLMs use deep learning to understand and generate text, enabling them to perform tasks like text replies and content generation in various forms. These models play a crucial role in AI communication and creativity, with the potential to revolutionize fields like education, customer service, entertainment, and scientific research. However, ethical considerations around data privacy, bias, and fairness must be addressed. LLMs undergo training through absorbing vast amounts of data, identifying patterns, and connections through unsupervised and supervised learning. They then undergo deep learning using transformer neural networks to analyze relationships between words. As LLMs continue to be refined and trained on larger datasets, their capabilities will expand. Countries like Nigeria are also launching LLMs to improve AI models’ understanding of local languages. Overall, LLMs represent a significant milestone in AI development with the potential to enhance various industries while requiring careful consideration of ethical implications.

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