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Sam Altman’s tumultuous transition from OpenAI to Microsoft CEO #OpenAIChaos

Inside the chaos at OpenAI as Sam Altman was sacked, then hired by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

The schism at OpenAI was caused by the differing personalities and ambitions of the core group behind the company. Sam Altman, a restless and ambitious tech executive, and Greg Brockman, a former executive at Stripe, were not deeply knowledgeable about the technology behind the AI boom, while Ilya Sutskever, a computer scientist, was more cautious and focused on the potential dangers of AI. The stresses from the company’s rapid expansion this year added to these tensions. Altman’s ambitions also conflicted with the company’s interests, leading to his abrupt firing, which caused a significant upheaval within the company. The board’s decision to remove Altman led to a wave of support for him from investors, staff, and even other tech executives. Despite this, the board did not back down and ultimately appointed a new CEO, ending hopes of Altman’s quick return. Microsoft also announced that Altman and Brockman would be joining them to lead a new advanced AI research team. The events of the weekend were described as unprecedented by some investors.

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