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Samsung partners with AT&T to enhance customer care services. #AIpowered

Samsung Expands Next-Generation Care with AT&T and Introduces New AI-Powered Tools

Samsung is committed to providing exceptional customer care experiences to help customers quickly resolve issues with their devices. Despite advancements in AI, consumers still value human interaction in customer service. Samsung is investing in new innovations to offer next-generation care options and enhance customer support.

One of the new partnerships Samsung has announced is with AT&T to bring Same Unit Repair (SUR) options to AT&T customers who use Galaxy devices. This allows for same-day, walk-in care at Samsung retail or uBreakiFix by Asurion locations nationwide, streamlining the repair process and minimizing downtime for customers.

Samsung prioritizes SUR to repair specific devices to factory quality condition, backed by a warranty. This approach reduces e-waste and eliminates the need for data backup and transfer, saving valuable time for customers. AT&T is focused on providing easy access to Samsung device repairs to ensure customers can quickly resume their activities.

The benefits of walk-in service include same-day repairs, personalized consultations, and no data transfer needed, making the process efficient and convenient for customers. For those without access to walk-in service locations, Samsung also offers mail-in and ‘We Come To You’ service options.

Overall, Samsung and AT&T are working together to create a seamless system for customer support, making device repairs simple, accessible, and ensuring the best possible outcome for customers. Customers can also learn more about the mobile device repair journey with Samsung Care through a video provided by Samsung.

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