SD3 Usage License Is Unbelievably Ridiculous and Unjust! #unfair

SD3 Usage License Is Insane and Absurd!

The content discusses the importance of model fine tunings in establishing SD1.5 and SDXL models as the norm for open source AI image generation. Community-created models have been crucial in the popularity of Stable Diffusion as an AI image generator. However, concerns have been raised about the new SD3 license, which requires the deletion of models if the license fee is not paid. There are worries about potential fee increases and liability for user actions. Suggestions include honoring small artists, setting higher revenue thresholds for licensing, and rethinking the license terms. Strategies to advocate for changes include organizing a unified voice, leveraging public pressure, proposing alternatives, and seeking support from influential organizations. The community’s concerns highlight the importance of transparent engagement by Stability AI to address issues and reconsider the terms of its usage license. Preserving open source values and supporting small contributors are key to maintaining a thriving AI community committed to advancing technology.

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