Showcasing genAI skills: Demonstrating our expertise in technology #innovation

How Can We Demonstrate Our genAI Skills? | by Alexis Chew | Jun, 2024

The content discusses a two-part portfolio review and toolkit developed in collaboration with Professor Matt Beane. It explores the question of how students can demonstrate proficiency in generative AI to potential employers. The guide analyzes diverse portfolios across sectors and provides a sorting model based on capabilities. The author also created a toolkit to help students build their own genAI portfolio.

The project involved an extensive review of portfolios from various disciplines, including architectural, graphic design, art, UX/UI design, writing, marketing, and research portfolios. The author grouped the portfolios into three main categories: narrative portfolios, case study portfolios, and analytical portfolios. Each category includes smaller subcategories based on the type of work showcased.

The content also discusses visual portfolios, which prioritize visual appeal and creativity, and multimedia portfolios, which incorporate various multimedia elements. The author provides examples of portfolios within each category, showcasing different types of work and skills. Overall, the guide aims to help students create effective portfolios that demonstrate their expertise in generative AI and other fields to potential employers.

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