#Siri and Google Assistant turn to generative AI for renewal. #DigitalAssistants

Siri and Google Assistant look to generative AI for a new lease on life

The upcoming WWDC 2024 keynote by Apple is highly anticipated, with a focus on AI technology. Apple is expected to announce a partnership with OpenAI to integrate generative AI into its devices, with Siri at the center. Despite advancements in AI, challenges remain in creating a seamless user experience. Google has been aggressive in integrating its AI platform, Gemini, into Android, signaling a potential shift away from Assistant. Voice assistants, including Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, are facing challenges as smart speaker shipments decline. Generative AI is seen as the future, but current hardware devices are still in early stages. Apple’s move towards generative AI comes after ceding ground to competitors and is likely to involve partnerships with established players like OpenAI. Steve Jobs’ previous stance on AI and search business reflects Apple’s current strategy of partnering with AI companies rather than competing directly. Overall, the future of smart assistants lies in generative AI, but there is still progress to be made before they can fully replace existing systems.

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