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Snowflake’s strategy for democratizing data and AI on iPhone. #DataAI

Inside Snowflake’s iPhone and App Store Strategy for Data and AI Democratization

Snowflake, known as a data cloud, is adopting an iPhone and App Store approach to its business model. This approach allows companies to build AI-powered apps against their data within the Snowflake cloud, bringing logic and models to the data rather than vice versa. This concept of “bringing the compute to the data” is gaining traction, especially with the rise of data lakes and lakehouses built on open standards like Apache Iceberg.

Snowflake has invested in features like Snowpark, Snowflake Marketplace, and Cortex AI to provide customers with a variety of pre-built apps, AI models, and development tools. The platform also offers native apps that run within Snowflake, ensuring data governance and security. Vendors like AI21 Labs and Landing AI are leveraging Snowflake’s capabilities to offer their products securely within the Snowflake ecosystem.

The integration of apps and data within Snowflake is likened to an Apple App Store experience, where customers can easily access and use various applications without worrying about data security. Snowflake’s marketplace for vendors to participate while keeping customer data secure is seen as a game-changer in the data analysis industry. This approach is expected to lead to rapid growth and evolution of Snowflake as a platform for native data products and apps.

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