Spotlight on Falcon in the LLM program #FalconSpotlight

LLM Spotlight: Falcon

The Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi has developed the Falcon family of large language models (LLMs) with impressive capabilities. These models range in parameter sizes, from Falcon 1.3B to Falcon 180B, and include a specialized “Instruct” model for interactive applications like chatbots. Additionally, the Falcon 2 series offers more efficient and accessible models, such as Falcon 2 11B VLM, which can convert visual inputs into text. These models have multilingual capabilities and run efficiently on a single GPU.

In the future, Falcon 2 models will receive improvements like “Mixture of Experts,” a machine learning feature that combines smaller networks with discrete specializations to provide tailored solutions. The Falcon 2 series has also transitioned to an open-source approach, allowing developers worldwide unrestricted access to the tool. Overall, the Falcon LLMs represent a new generation of models that address challenges in multimodal capabilities and offer advanced features for various applications.

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